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Condition Reports

The Condition Reports provide a summary of resources in each sanctuary, pressures on those resources, the current condition and trends, and management responses to the pressures that threaten the integrity of the marine environment. Specifically, the reports include information on the status and trends of water quality, habitat, living resources and maritime archaeological resources and the human activities that affect them.

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Sentinel Site Program

National marine sanctuaries are places that offer the unique opportunity to serve as sentinel sites where monitoring and research efforts can take place that can enhance our understanding of natural and historical resources and how they are changing, as well as provide an early warning capability that detects changes to ecosystem processes and conditions.

Why do we call national marine sanctuaries "sentinel sites"?

Notes from the Field

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Science Needs Assessment

The Science Needs Assessment is an evaluation of the science and information requirements (capability, information, and products) of the ONMS as defined by the management issues facing each sanctuary in the National Marine Sanctuary System (NMSS). Information presented defines current science needs for each national marine sanctuary and supports requirements defined in each Sanctuary Management Plan.

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Conservation Science Series

The Conservation Series is a publication Series hosted by the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries. It provides a forum to publish reports that focus on the complex issues facing the sanctuary system.

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Socioeconomics is the study of how humans interact with natural and cultural resources and how they depend upon these resources for their lives and livelihoods. It also includes what many are now calling the field of "human dimensions" of natural resources and environmental management.

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Monitoring Programs

This inventory of monitoring programs presents summary information on the various monitoring projects being conducted throughout the sanctuary system.

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Geographic Information Data

GIS and Data files available to download.