Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically (in Microsoft Word). All submitted manuscripts must meet the standards set forth in the National Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series guidance, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS) style guide for long-form reports, and the Conservation Series template. Please see the manuscript preparation page for more information.

At the time of submission, authors should provide the names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of three suggested reviewers who have expertise on the subject matter in the report.

Please ensure the following conditions are met prior to submitting a manuscript for review (the ONMS style guide for long-form reports provides further guidance on these criteria):

  1. Manuscript is in the most up-to-date template
  2. Alt text has been added to all images (maps, photos, graphs, etc.)
  3. All tables are text-based and editable (not image files such as .jpg)
  4. Tables are formatted to be accessible for screen readers (i.e., table reads logically from left to right, without merged cells or merged headings)
  5. Images are inserted as a single file and do not include multiple elements (i.e., overlaid text boxes)
  6. Images are accessible to readers with colorblindness
  7. Image captions are full, descriptive sentences and include photo, image, or source credit as needed

Please refer to the ONMS style guide for long-form reports for guidance on the criteria above. If your report does not meet one or more of these criteria, it may be returned without further review.

If your report meets these criteria and you are ready to submit, please e-mail your document to to begin the review process.