2023 News Archive

2023 Archives

In 2023 NOAA announced nearly $40 million from the Biden-Harris administration for projects confronting climate change in national marine sanctuaries. We also released the condition report for Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and invited public comment on the draft designation documents for Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary and the Restoration Blueprint for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Additionally, dive into the discovery of the lost shipwreck Ironton and explore interviews with shark scientist, Jaida Elcock, Diving with a Purpose board member Kamau Sadiki, and founder of QueerSurf, Kyla Langen.

2022 Archives

A year of celebrating the history, accomplishments, and future of the National Marine Sanctuary System during the 50th Anniversary of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act. Find articles related to: returning to USS Monitor, interesting discoveries in national marine sanctuaries, National Marine Sanctuaries Forever Stamps, and meeting the challenges of climate change in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

2021 Archives

From expanding Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary to scientists discovering white sharks feeding on a whale carcass, find out what happened in 2021 throughout your National Marine Sanctuary System

2020 Archives

Debuting Sanctuaries 360°: Our Earth is Blue and Surrounding You, How National Marine Sanctuaries are Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change, Sister Marine Sanctuaries in American Samoa and Palau, A search to uncover a slave ship's past, “Every Kid Outdoors”

2019 Archives

Find articles related to: Invasive Alga, Coral research, the designation Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary , Mission: Iconic Reefs, A new deap-sea coral species

2018 Archives

Find articles related to: Hurricane Irma recovery, North Atlantic right whales, Blue Star Fishing Guides, Kīlauea eruption, manta rays, 2018 Nautilus expedition, Zero Waste Week, humpback whale population numbers, Beach Watch, giant sea bass research

2017 Archives

Find articles related to: Dr. Nancy Foster Scholars, deep-sea explorations of Monterey Bay and the Gulf of Mexico; discovery of lost shipwrecks in Thunder Bay, 45th anniversary of the National Marine Sanctuary System, marine debris toolkit, virtual dive galleries

2016 Archives

Find articles related to: The Blue Economy, World War II's Battle of the Atlantic, A dive on historic Japanese mini, East Flower Garden Bank coral die-off, USS Hatteras, Discovery of a new deep-reef Butterflyfish species, Papahānaumokuākea Expansion

2015 Archives

Find articles related to: Coral Bleaching, Ituna, Lionfish, USS Macon, Cordell Bank and Greater Farallones boundary expansions

2014 Archives

Find articles related to: Charles W. Morgan, Mapping a wreck, Battle of the Atlantic, 360 Degrees photos

2013 Archives

Find articles related to: Sanctuary Nomination Process, Proposed Expansion of Thunder Bay, Shipping Container Expedition

2012 Archives

Find articles related to: 2 Historic Shipwrecks Identified, 40th Anniversary of Sanctuaries, Overflight Regulations

2011 Archives

Find articles related to: Olympic Coast Final Management Plan, Lionfish, Surfing the Sanctuaries, the Whaleship Two Brothers

2010 Archives

Find articles related to: A Letter from Former President Clinton, HIHWNMS Condition Report, Aquarius Expedition, BLUE Ocean Film Festival, 75th Anniversary of the USS Macon

2009 Archives

Find articles related to: Edward James Olmos Joins Ocean Campaign, Monterey Bay Condition Report, Rose Atoll Designated a Marine National Monument, Final Rule Published for Channel Islands

2008 Archives

Find articles related to: Sanctuary Researchers Assess Damage from Hurricane Ike, New Shipwreck Found in Papahānaumokuākea, Endangered Northern Fur Seals Rebound in Sanctuary Waters

2007 Archives

Find articles related to: Meet Sanctuary Sam, Channel Islands Marine Zones Complete, Thunder Bay Maritime Festival, How to be Dolphin SMART

2005-2006 Archives

Find articles related to: President Designates Marine National Monument, Gray's Reef Management Plan Released, New West Coast Field Guide Released, Farallones Sanctuary 25th Anniversary